«Here’s the thing: You need to walk away. For the rest of your life, occasionally, you will fall in love with a woman who will not love you back. She will always be beautiful, always lost in some fundamental way, and for a time she will depend on you, mistakenly see you as a way out of something and into something else — truth, herself. She will flirt, perhaps be as obsessed with you as you are with her, and she will go to some lengths to keep your attention. Do not mistake that for love.

You always want to understand; that is why you’ve spent a fortune on therapy over the years, that is why you write. You confuse knowledge with control. You believe that if you unveil the origins of a thing, that thing will not reoccur. You are wrong. This will continue to happen and there’s nothing you can do to escape. That’s why you need to walk away. Walking away is the opposite of escaping; it means you’ve stopped arguing with reality.»

Shelly Oria


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